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Local Roof Repair Company


The Science of Roof Repairs

Technology behind our roof inspection

















"Lasher Contracting is a leader in the leak detection industry and its because they can see through walls."

- National Roofing Association

A higher standard of roofing estimators

Our estimators are required to: 


  • Hold a bachelors degree 

  • Have passed a 75 hour leak detection and estimating course 

  • A minimum of 25 hours of customer service training 

  • Manufacture training certifications from all roofing brands we offer

  • Attend monthly training courses 

  • Active membership to Association of Builders and Contractors

  • Pass a credit and background check 

  • 50 hour insurance claims course

In the roofing industry we are considered to have one of the toughest job application processes, we are also considered to have one of the highest retention rates in New Jersey- NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development  All of these requirements are to increase the quality of your experience, and minimize the chance of you correcting a roofing issue that was not the cause of the leak in the first place. 



If you have suffered leak damage as a result of storm damage we will make sure you are compensated what you deserve. 

Our insurance claims specialists will aid in the filing of a new claim, and we will be able to tell you if your damage qualifies for a homeowners insurance claim. We offer a dynamic claims handling service, without the fees of a public adjuster. Our claims handling service is 100% free. 


Why are we so successful at getting claims approved? 

We believe we are so successful at getting insurance claims approved, and paid is because of the vast knowledge and understanding we have of the claims process, regulations, and qualifications. We will never submit a claim that we cannot also submit a documented honest report for how it applied to storm damage. This approach has given our companies name some weight with the major insurance carriers like Geico, Liberty Mutual, AAA, and many others. Unlike a public adjuster, we are not playing a guessing game at the scope of work needed, and material required. We are able to send your insurance company a certified bid, and replacement cost analysis, making their job easier, and your getting you the money to pay for the repair. 

Click here to see some real examples of claims we have initiated, and received 100% payout for the homeowner. 


Commercial Roof Repair Specialists 

From the Destiny USA Mall  in Syracuse New York to the Ritz in Atlantic City Lasher Contracting has been responsible for over 14 million square feet quality flat roof installs . Our commercial roofing experts have been quoted by the National Contractors Associations as "the best there is as far as commercial roofing" - issue 12, 2013  

Whether you have a small pizza place with a roof leak, or you are replacing a warehouse Lasher Contracting is certain to have a solution for you. We pride ourselves with our ability to offer multiple options for the most complex commercial roofing projects. 

We know you are busy, and cannot afford to deal with flat roof leaks multiple times, so call the Expert Roofers at Lasher Contracting for a free roof inspection, and leak analysis. 



Contact us now for a FREE Estimate: (856) 375-2372


  1. We take great pride in the completeness of our roof repair estimates. 


  1. A complete report including photos of our findings related to your leak

  2. A detailed description of all work necessary to repair the leak, and damage caused by the roof leak. 

  3. List of all building materials, item numbers, and price

  4. Recommended repairs that are not necessary at this time

  5. Detailed labor costs 

  6. Insurance claims report (available on claims related estimates *only) 

  7. Anticipated change orders, and costs associated (if any) 



The truth about roof repairs

Most roofs can be repaired, or maintained, and have a lot more life left in them then certain roofing companies are willing to tell you about. At Lasher Roofing we solve your roof problem, and if a leaking roof is your problem, we know the solution is to fix the leak, not sell you a new roof. We may be a business but we are people just like our customers. We don't want to see you spend any more money then you have to. We know the sacrifices that some families make to replace their roof. That's why we help you to get the most out of your current roof. That's our promise, that's our business!


Local Roof Repair Company 

Roof repair is the service that our company was built on. When all other companies say "it has to be replaced" we take great pride in proving them wrong and giving you an affordable, quality option to replacing your roof. 

Why choose Lasher Roofing for a roof repair?

1. We have local offices to all of the areas we serve. 

2. We respond in person to all leak calls within 24 hours.

3. We are a technology driven company, so you are never required to meet us at your home, you are updated mobile, and sent pictures of your repairs. 

4. We warranty all of our repairs, and guess what? Our manufacture trusts our abilities so much, they also warranty every roof repair that we make. 

5. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.  

6. All of our field workers are drug tested randomly, must hold a HS Diploma, pass a certified roofing safety course, and attend 5 annual roof training classes. 

7. All roof repairs are warrantied, and have optional full roof warranties.

 Roofing is our business, so see what we can do to help save your family money on its roofing issues.


Anyone can purchase an inferred camera to search for roof leaks.

The average cost of a quality inferred camera is about $14,000.00 up to $50,000.00 but its not the camera that sets Lasher Contracting apart from the other 500 plus roofing contractors in our service area; it's the highly trained, committed, roofing specialist holding it.

A lot of customers think that the lowest price is going to be their most economical solution, lets not forget the old saying. 

"The cheapest and least trained employee will always cost you the most" 

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