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Property Management Services


A property manager is responsible for the success of the properties they manage and one of the most time consuming and straining tasks is managing construction and maintenance. Everyone always blames the person who ordered the pizza when its late. 

All kidding aside, an experienced property manager knows that a failed or unsuccessful major construction project can but tremendous pressure on the relationship between the owner (s) and the property manager. 

At Lasher Contracting we have tailored our services to Property Managers. Starting with our communication, punctuality and FREE leak evaluations.

Lasher Contracting is here to keep you up to speed on all aspects of your construction or maintenance project

services Offered

Dealing With Multiple 


When a building you manage starts complaining about discolored ceiling tiles and water on the windowsills it seems like an easy fix, I will call a roofing contractor, only to find out they don't service windows. Now the simple one contractor fix has turned into two contractors. Both of these contractors find issues and you gladly pay for both services and report to your owner that the problem has been solved! 


Next week it rains and like clockwork the tenants start emailing that the ceiling tiles are stained again, and the window is leaking worse than before. You quickly dial up the contractors you hired to have them check their work. 

Engineers and Businesspeople

Now, here is where a property manager starts to run into issues. The roofing contractor says that their work is good and both leaks are related to the window, which is not their work. Can you guess what the window contractor says? You guessed right, they are blaming the roofing contractor. Meanwhile the tenant is saying they don't want to pay rent until the leaks are resolved and the owner is emailing you asking why you said this was fixed, hopefully it's a Friday. 

Now let's say we could go back in time and call a waterproofing contractor like Lasher Contracting. 

The tenant reports a leak, you contact Lasher who is on-site in 24 hours or less, we conduct our inspection using the latest technology and inferred cameras and determine that the leak is coming in from a failed caulk joint at the roof level just above the window. The owner is notified that the leak was fixed and the following week it rains heavily. You have so many buildings to manage you haven't even thought about if 1 Village Rd Suite 21 still has a leak. A few months go by, and you still haven't thought about it. No one has called or emails complaining of a leak in Suite 21. 

This example was based on an actual series of events that occurred on a building in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

Wouldn't it be nice to just have ONE number to call?

  • Free Leak Evaluation 

  • Flat Roofing

  • Sloped Roofing

  • Facade Repairs & Building Caulking

  • Structural Repairs 

  • Interior Fit-Ups 

  • Exterior Coatings and Waterproofing

  • EFIS

  • Stucco 

  • Bulkhead Repairs 

  • Windows & Doors 

  • ADA Complainant Renovations 

  • Sidewalks & Curbs 

  • Wall Cracks and Bulges 

  • Architectural Metal 

  • Siding 

  • Exterior Lighting including Light Poles 

  • Roof Coatings and Maintenance 

  • Concrete Spall Repair 

  • Rebar Repairs 

  • Pre-Cast Concrete Restoration

  • Balcony and Deck Surfacing 

  • and all facets of the buildings envelop 

Image by Zohair Mirza
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