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Lasher's Labor & Material Warranty

How does the warranty process work? 

First Lasher submits plans and specification to your local building department for approval on things like uplift and drainage. Once the roofing project is successfully completed Lasher hires a 3rd party licensed engineer to provide a detailed inspection report and punch list on the roofing project. After the independently licensed engineer is satisfied the roof has met the standards specifications Lasher issues the warranty. The engineer report also becomes part of the project file with your local building department. 

How do you handle warranty claims? 

Since this is a single source warranty and all of our roof warranties are edge to edge there is no inspection to determine if the repair is covered, it is.

Can I transfer my roof warranty? 

Yes! we allow the warranty to transfer once within the 50 year period. There is a $150.00 administration fee for transferring the warranty. 


Where do you purchase the material from? 

Because of Lasher's buying power in the United States, we are able to source a lot of our material directly from the manufactures. However, we do also carry a full line of all of the major roofing brands if you have already decided on Firestone, GAF, Carlise or others. 


When does the warranty begin?

The warranty effective date is as of the date your installation is completed and is signed when the independent engineer signs off on the project. 

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