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Welcome to Lasher Contracting

Lasher is a Roofer with 30 years experience

Lasher Contracting opened its doors over 25 years ago. We started off strictly offering commercial roofing replacements roof repairs and quickly grew into a diverse commercial building contractor. We have maintained our personalized service and our commitment to excellence throughout many expansions. 


A key feature of Lasher is the range of contracting services we offer in-house. We pride ourselves on being a single source contractor for many of our projects. A single source contractor allows for incredible cost savings, reduced schedules, and more control. 

  • Commercial Roofing Servies

  • Facade Restoration & Coatings

  • Stucco and EFIS 

  • General Waterproofing 

  • Historic Building Restoration

  • Construction Management and Renovations 

  • Exterior Renovations and Improvements 

Leak Repair

Repairing leaks is not usually that difficult, diagnosing roof leaks and other building leaks is where the real skills matter. 

Lasher Contracting is a building envelop contractor in addition to being an expert roofer. A building's envelop is just how it sounds, the entire outside of the building from the foundation to the top of the elevator penthouse roof. Because of our experience with all areas of a building we are able to diagnose leaks faster and much more accurately. It is unfortunate how many times we are brought into a building leak after a commercial roofer did thousands of dollars of repairs only for us to quickly determine the weep holes at the windows were clogged. 

Some of our cutting-edge methods for finding leaks quickly and affordably are:
  • Drone roof inspections

  • Inferred leak detection 

  • Water testing 

  • Visual inspections and core sampling 

  • Discovery 

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