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Comprehensive Safety Program


A comprehensive safety program is the best

insurance employees have to avoid injuries. 

We have safety regulations  in place that

meet or exceed roofing industry standards.

Every attempt is made to provide

equipment and maintain job site conditions

that ensure a safe work environment for our

employees and the customers we serve.

Safety training is ongoing and part of everyone's job. Mandatory monthly meetings for all employees give us the opportunity to address current job hazards and concerns and other pertinent safety topics. Every quarter we hold a “Safety Fest” ~ a full day safety training seminar with instructors who present a variety of safety topics including material handling, working with hot asphalt, fire fighting, proper use of personal fall prevention systems and

more. This safety training is additional to all required OSHA training certification courses. 

Our safety program includes a full-time safety manager; monthly company-wide safety meetings; weekly job-site tool box talks; and training to keep up to date on OSHA requirements.

We recognize that to be successful, a program of continuous improvement must be upheld. With our employees and customers in mind, our Safety Program gets the highest priority. All of our field forces hold 10-hour OSHA cards and many have or are in the process of obtaining their 30-hour OSHA training.

View our safety manual here: 



We take pride in the fact that all of our employees are professional and drug free. 

We have a drug testing program in place in conjunction with the Lab Corp. All job applicants are drug tested before their first day of work. Afterwards, the random program tests all employees, even the CEO.

Construction is a dangerous business. The consequences of drug abuse can be tragic not only for users and their families, but also for co-workers and customers who are put in jeopardy by others’ illicit use of drugs.

Lasher has a commitment to all their employees, including the vast majority who are not and will not become drug abusers. We believe that we not only have a right to strive to maintain a workplace free from drug abuse, but we also have a duty to do so.

A good drug-free workplace program can lead to decreases/ increases in:

  •  turnover

  • health status

  • worker compensation costs

  • employee morale

  • employee discipline problems

  •  absenteeism

  • productivity

  • accidents

  • profits

  • downtime

  • customer satisfaction

For more information about drug-free workplace programs visit:

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