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New Roof

Hired as a general contractor to remove our old roof and install new with added insulation and replace most of the deck while keeping businesses open. Came in on time and very close to budget. I recall the day before the nor'easter we counted 49 lasher staff there securing the site and roofs ends. Not one leak in the middle of a roof replacement during nor'easter on our 250,000 sqft retail building

Thomas Kane


We contracted them to be the General Contractor for common area renovation, replace our hotels roof, and prep for solar panels. We knew we were going to go with this company long before signing the contract, the bid that they presented to our company was so detailed, and put together so well. It included a CD of a video walk through of the proposed renovations, blue prints, drawings, even zoomed in details of light fixtures, and they pin pointed everything right down to the best wattage of light bulbs to be used. They requested a reserved room for a satellite office during the project, and held safety meetings everyday, and were perfectionist about how things were installed. The hotel was completed so well, that the entire chain is adopting the layout, right down to the door knobs they used. There was never a time we were concerned that the project was not going to turn out suburb. I have been a construction supervisor for many hotels, this is by far the best GC I have ever dealt with.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

New Roof

"My experience was great, the staff was very helpful in answering my questions and walking me through the process. I learned a lot about roof types (there are a ton of options) and fully trusted my project manager's opinion. I wasn't thrilled about the price of getting a new roof, but Lasher had the best price out of the 3 quotes I received from roofing companies. I'm very glad I did business with this company, I thought the process of fixing my roof would be rough, but Lasher made everything very easy for me. I had my contract signed one week and a new roof installed the next week and I also got free gutters :)"

Sara Ringuard

Steel Work

"Hired for struct beam work, and roof replacement on our 50,000sqft warehouse. We hit a few delays in the beginning of the project because of weather, but we go going and everything went as planned. We received a manufacture warranty. The budget was good, not the lowest of the 5 bids we got, but for the piece of mind you get working with them its worth it. Already used again on my home, went well also."
Steven C. 


"I've been working with Lasher Contracting for a number of years now and I'd definitely recommend this company. I've gotten a couple new roofs done on some properties my company owns and just had the exterior of another building restored by them. It was a huge project and all said and done I'm extremely glad I worked with Lasher. They were always straight with me, never had any major problems/set backs, and they finished a project that was supposed to take 9 months a whole month early. I've worked with a lot of other contractors in the past and Lasher Contracting by far manages their projects better than anyone else. We exclusively use this company for all our large projects now. Every project manager I've dealt with at this company was professional, intelligent, and just all around great guys (I recommend Dale or Mike)."