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Terms of Use


1. The Buyer can cancel this contract within three (3) days of signature date without penalty. If Buyer cancels after three (3) days, a penalty will be assessed of 10% of contract amount. However, if work has begun or materials have been ordered, contract cannot be canceled. Gryphon Co., Inc. can cancel at any time without cause before work begins.

2. Lasher Contracting LLC. Will not be required to start or to proceed with the work if there are delays in delivery or impeding weather conditions or any other causes beyond their control constricting the work. By accepting these terms your agree that if you appointment happens to fall on a day with a precipitation chance of higher than 10% your appointment maybe be rescheduled, Only weather reports from the Weather channel will be acceptable. If work is rescheduled for weather you understand that you do not have the right to cancel your contract as the weather is beyond our control, and our insurance company does not offer coverage for installs on days with anticipated rain, snow, ice ect. If you are rescheduled multiple times during due to weather, or in the winter you do not have a right to cancel with refund of any kind unless Lasher Contracting LLC cancels with a precipitation chance of less than 10%. If you attempt to cancel because of a weather issue, all money paid thus far will be non-recoverable, and a restocking fee may be assessed of 25% per item. If workers are not able to access the work site at the pre-arranged scheduled time, there will be an additional rescheduling fee of $75.00.

3. Owner shall furnish water, electricity, and adequate access to building, if available. Owner should be aware of loud noise/ vibration, possible dust/debris in skylights/fans/ducts, and trash in the yard during construction (thorough clean-up will be performed by Lasher Contracting LLC. at completion of job). Precautions should be taken by the owner to keep children, pets, valuables, and cars away from “hazard zone” of 10 to 20 foot perimeter around the house, and to remove or protect hanging or loose items inside the building. Dumpster may be placed on driveway for duration of job.

4. Weights, thicknesses, color, blend, or other amounts quoted are approximate & shall be subject to normal industry variation.

5. Due to changing material and labor prices, any proposal may be withdrawn Lasher Contracting LLC if not accepted within sixty (60) days from issue date.

6. This proposal when signed by the Buyer and the authorized representative shall become a contract under the laws of the state and will thereby be a binding contract. This proposal & contract shall be the entire agreement between the parties. Any changes in this proposal and contract must be approved in writing. Any alteration or deviation from the specifications on reverse involving extra cost of material or labor except visibly rotten wood (see wood schedule below) will be executed only upon written orders for the same, & will become an extra charge over the sum mentioned in this contract. No work other than that specified herein is contemplated in this proposal.

7. If amounts invoiced are unpaid 30 days after billing, a late penalty of 10% of the amount unpaid and finance charges of 1.5% per month will be assessed after 30 days and each subsequent 30 days thereafter. In such case, proceedings may be commenced, such as filing of lien to secure or enforce the payment of any portion of the agreed price. Buyer agrees to pay Lasher Contracting LLC without special demand, reasonable attorney’s fees & legal costs in such proceedings.

8. Lasher Contracting LLC will not be responsible for determining the existing condition of air conditioning units, swamp coolers, duct work and stands that support same, structural framing, poor drainage, decking, chimney caps, stucco, parapet walls, condensation lines, water lines, electric lines, antenna wires or cables. However, should any defect in any of the above mentioned be discovered, Lasher Contracting LLC. Will, of course, notify the signer of this proposal. Lasher Contracting LLC., Inc. will not be responsible for water, electric, sewer, thermostat, or other existing items that are currently out of code. Lasher Contracting LLC., Inc. will not be responsible for condition of satellite dishes, pest control devices, or tree trimming which may be necessary for work to be done.

9. Please note that even a microscopic crack in stucco may cause a significant leak because of the osmotic pressure and surface tension of the water. We are not responsible for stucco leaks unless specifically addressed in the proposal.

10. Upon completion of work the Buyer shall have the opportunity to inspect such work. If the Buyer believes such work is incomplete or unsatisfactory in some manner, the Buyer may inform Lasher Contracting LLC. at that time. Otherwise, such work shall be deemed accepted. No formal written acceptance need be issued by the Buyer to constitute acceptance. Final payment or failure by Buyer to inspect work within five 5 days of completion shall automatically constitute acceptance.

11. The warranty is solely for the benefit of the named building owner upon payment in full, but may be transferred under certain conditions. Other terms & conditions are noted on reverse of warranty. Lasher Contracting LLC. representative for details.

12. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover for payment of services. However, there will be a 3% additional charge on total bill if over $1000 paid by credit card.

13. Lasher Contracting LLC. is complying with the new EPA regulation regarding RRP and lead paint containment. Therefore, if your house was built prior to 1978, a Lasher Contracting LLC representative may be scheduled, before contracted work begins, to check for lead paint in any materials on your property that will be disturbed during the contracted work. If the disturbed materials test positive for lead paint and your property meets certain other parameters, then additional charges may apply to properly remove and dispose of the lead-contaminated debris.

14. All work will be performed in a professional manner, making a sincere effort, and will be a best efforts attempt to repair problems. All labor required to complete scope of work is included in agreement price, including on- and off-the-job-site time, travel time and loading time. This proposal is based on a complete job, and any surplus material remains the property of Lasher Contracting LLC and will be removed by Lasher Contracting LLC

15. Communicating to Lasher Contracting LLC that you do not have the money to satisfy the remainder of the contract will result in a hold being placed on your account until you are able to provide proof of funds for the remaining porting of work to be complete. If you do not prove proof of funds after 60 days, your contract will be terminated without refund.

16. Refunds are issued only within 3 business days of signing the contract. A 10% penalty will be assessed for all contracts cancelled within 3 business days. After 3 business days have passed there are no refunds on any type of work. Lasher Contracting may offer a refund, but the policy states there are no refunds of any amounts paid if the customer violates the contract by cancelling for any reason no listed on this document.

17. Non- disparagement

If a dispute arises between the parties you, and Lasher Contracting LLC you agree to allow Lasher Contracting LLC, and its legal consul to mediate the dispute to come to a resolution. You agree to keep all disputes, claims, documents, and settlements completely confidential, and will not contact any news media, social networking outlets, review sites, or other forms of disparagement. Failure to do so may result in a lawsuit. If Lasher Contracting LLC cannot mediate a settlement, you are required to us mediation provided by your local government of New Jersey Consumer Affairs, if a settlement is not reached though those measures you will be released of this agreement to seek other means of arranging a settlement.

18. Estimates are not set in stone pricing, underlying issues, and issues that are unforeseen that will result in the need to purchase more material, increase labor, or may result in increased cost to Lasher Contracting LLC is your responsibility financially, and will be handled via a change order. If the change order is required to meet building codes you will be required to pay the change order or work will be stopped, and state STOP WORK ORDER may be posted on your property by the local inspector.

Paying change orders- Change orders occur when you change something, add something, remove something, or when an unforeseen issue arises. For example: Lasher Contracting LLC is contracted to remove existing sub floor, and replace with new sub flooring, followed by cement board, and tile. When the sub floor is removed we find mold is on the floor joists, and the floor joists are rotted, and that the ceiling below has mold on it. At this point you will be required to sign a change order for mold remediation, removal and replacement of all mold effected areas, pay for additional expenses, labor, profit, and overhead. In this circumstance failing to pay the change order will result in a stop work order, and possible lawsuit if change orders is not signed, and paid for. If you do not wish to sign the change order, you may have another contractor complete the change order and then allow us to continue the work after all of the necessary changes are complete. The contractor must be licensed, and provide their insurance information to Lasher Contracting LLC since they will be working on one of their open sites. If you do not pay the changer order within 15 days a 10% penalty will commence for 15 days, until the contract is cancelled and 50% of the remaining amount will be due.

19. Warranties, all warranties on roof repairs are specific to the repaired area, if a leak occurs near or around the are we will usually fix it without charge, but if a leak occurs but is found to not be related to the area that was repaired you will be provided an estimate for the repair.

Roofing Proposals Only: Wood Schedule (remove and replace – assumes roofing is already removed – paint not included): Prices subject to change without written notice. Minimum charge of $50, plus standard length wood pieces of:

Important Information:

Department of Consumer Affairs: (973) 504-6380

Lasher Contracting LLC: (856) 375-2372/ License Number: NJ 13VH07065800/ PA PA10303