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Insurance Experts

Storm Damage is hard enough, finding a contractor who can navigate your insurance claim shouldn't be

How we handle claims

Lasher Contracting is an honest company that operates with integrity.Our in house adjusters understand all aspects of insurance claims, simply because we require them to have a minimum of 2 years claims experience with a A rated insurance firm like Geico, Travlers, ect. 

  •  We document the damages, and provide proof and expert reports showing what caused the damage
  • Our representatives will check your home for water damage that might not be visable, this way once the work is done you can be sure there was no stone left unturned. 
  • We have a working relationship with almost all of the major insurance companies. 
  • We will tell you when something will not be covered. Sure we can tell you what you want but that would not be honest, and we don't do dishonest. 
  • With over 12,000 insurance claims handled, we have never been denied a claim we have filed and backed. 

How the process works

  • We will come to your home or business to inspect the damage, and do a walk through with you. 
  • We will take photos, run tests with special moisture imaging cameras, and create a detailed report and estimate to repair the damages. 
  • We will make FREE temporary repairs on your home to limit more damages from occurring while waiting for insurance approval. 
  • We can even call the insurance company together. 
  • Next we will submit our report and documentation to the insurance company. 
  • We usually have an answer within 24-48 hours, and work begins within 2-4 days in most cases. 
  • You do not have to pay until your insurance pays. 

1. How much is the estimate, and report. 
2. What if my insurance company made a check out to my mortgage company? I am behind on payments also. 
If you are behind on payments that is nothing to worry about, the insurance payout is to make repairs, not for your mortgage, if a check was made out to your bank we will send them a letter of intent to recover the payment for the repairs needed. This is very common, and is never an issue. 
3. Should I get a public adjuster? 
Lasher Contracting does support the use of public adjusters where claims exceed $25,000.00 or more. However on claims smaller then $25,000.00 a public adjusters fees will ad a lot of out of pocket cost to you. The truth is our opinion will go a lot further with the insurance company. 
4. How do I file a claim? 
First call your insurance company at their claims office. File a claim, and they will give you an inspection date, and time. Set up your estimate with us for the same time. 
If you have more questions please call our office at (856) 375-2372