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For over 15 years Lasher Contracting has been one of the most trusted names in Residential Roofing Repairs and Roof Replacements.
  • Instant quote
  • No sales pitch
  • All repairs and replacements carry warranties
  • Professional estimates, and scheduling process. 
  • Low price guarantee, we will match any reputable company
  • We carry over 100 different colors and stlyes of shingles. 
  • We also install gutters, fascia, window capping, and attic ventilation.

All new roofs come with a FREE gutter cleaning, and tune up.

Over the last 12 month alone Lasher Contracting has installed over 140,000 square feet of commercial roofing material. From casinos to porch roofs. We have the skilled workers, capital and experience to handle any size commercial roofing project. With in house architects we can design, and execute the most complex and simplest commercial roofing designs.
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We also offer long term maintenance programs, giving you ample time to prepare for a replacement.




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The Best Products. The Best Warranties.

Trust your roof replacement to the professional roofing contractors we are fully licensed and insured. We use only quality materials for your roofing installation to ensure the performance and value you expect 

Your roof installation also comes with the following protections:

• Craftsmanship warranties up to 25 years*
• Roofing shingle warranties up to 50 years*
• Backing by the world’s largest shingle manufacture

We know you have a choice for your home improvement project. With Lasher Contracting, you leave nothing to chance. 

Free In-Home Consultation

Our professional consultant will come to your home to:

• Discuss your specific roofing needs and style preferences
• Explain the benefits of our asphalt, tile, metal and low slope roofing systems*
• Show you samples of actual roofing materials to fit your home
• Recommend a roofing solution to fit your budget

Prior to your appointment, think about roof damage you’ve noticed, colors and styles, your budget and the condition of your gutters. If possible, include the household members who will help make the roofing installation decision. 

Roofing Installation Done Right

Here’s what you can expect:

• Pre-installation inspection as required
• Project updates via
• Roofing materials delivered to your home
• Removal of existing roofing materials
• Authorized, licensed as required, screened and insured installers
• Industry-leading installation standards
• Clean-up and debris removal
• Final inspection

Properly installed, a new roof can increase your home’s resale value and prevent costly repairs.

Is Your Roof at Risk?

Water leaks or temperature inconsistencies in your home could mean your roofing system isn’t working properly. Watch for these signs you may need a roof replacement:
• Leaking roof in the attic or top floor

• Water stains on ceilings

• Blistering or peeling paint and plaster on ceilings or walls

• Excessive shingle debris in gutters or lawns
• Shingles buckling, curling or blistering

Because your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it’s bound to age. Here are some common sources of wear and the effects:
• The sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays age roofing materials, especially on west and south surfaces.

• Rainwater under shingles causes rot and threatens structural integrity.

• High winds lift shingles and force water and debris underneath.
• Melting snow refreezes, blocking drainage into gutters and allowing water under roofing and inside your home.

• Tree branches damage shingles. Leaves on the roof and in gutters hold moisture and cause rot and poor drainage.

• Missing or torn shingles allow remaining shingles to rip or blow off.

Attic Ventilation Extends Roof Life

An estimated nine out of 10 homes lack properly balanced attic ventilation systems. As a result, the average roof lasts 10 to 12 years, even though most roofing shingles last 25 years or more. Without proper ventilation, most manufacturers' shingle warranties are void.

A well-balanced attic ventilation system protects your roof investment. It allows cool, fresh air to enter through soffit or eave vents and lets hot, stale air escape through a ridge vent. The reduced temperature difference between the outside air and the attic space benefits your home in important ways:

• Allows your roof to breathe in warmer months, lowering attic temperatures and cooling the roof deck.
• Keeps attic humidity down in cooler months to minimize condensation and mold and mildew growth.

• Reduces condensation, which can dampen and compact insulation and cause your heating system to work harder.

Which Roof Is Best for You?

There are many factors to consider in choosing a roof, including style, color, durability, warranties and installation. Here are some facts to help you decide.

• Architectural shingles create a multidimensional effect. They feature laminated construction for longer life.

• Traditional, three-tab flat asphalt shingles offer more value and performance than industry-standard shingles. They're color blended for a natural look.

• Special adhesives tightly seal each shingle to reduce the risk of blowing off.

• Roof shingles come in colors from natural wood shades to intense slate blue, green and red. If you have a homeowners’ association, check the architectural guidelines.

• Most roofs are asphalt shingles. Other materials include tile and metal for steep slope roofs or single-ply membranes for flat roofs.

•  Shingle warranties range from 25 years to a lifetime.

• Roof replacement should include removal of existing materials, a structural integrity inspection, a rubberized leak barrier, deck underlayment, drip edges and metal flashings.


Have questions about how your home owners insurance may be responsible for replacing your roof? Call us today and ask to speak with one of our insurance claim specialists. (856) 375-2372 or email