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Lasher Contracting is pleased to announce its newest branch office in Medford New Jersey. Since 1998 Lasher Contracting has been serving New Jersey, and helping families and businesses get the most value out of their property improvement budgets. Take some time and review some highlight information below, and brows our site to find out a little more about us. We encourage you to search for reviews about us throughout the web. If you have additional questions or you are ready to schedule a free roof evaluation give us a call at (856) 375-2372 or email [email protected] 

Let us tell you how we can definitely save you money working with our Medford branch.

Lasher Contracting makes a lot of claims about being able to definitely save customers money; a lot of companies make this claim, but do not tell you how they do it, will they skimp on material, or order cheaper products? How exactly are other roofing companies saving you money? 

If you have owned a home or managed a commercial building for any length of time chances are that you have had to get a roof repair done, or a roof replacement. There is also a great chance that you weren't completely sure the roof needed to be replaced, or that the repair was actually what needed to be fixed. That feeling of unknowing is usually over come by fear that is instilled in you by a sharp salesmen who alerts you of potential mold, or catastrophic issues that will occur if you don't act fast. 

Here's where the money saving starts: 

Our estimators, are not trained to sell, they are not trained to close deals. They are actually not even allowed to; they don't even have contracts with them. 

Our estimators are trained to inspect roofs, and find the cause of a leak, and determine an appropriate repair. Our estimators can be 99% certain that they find the leak and that is because of their training, skill, and technology that we provide them. Lasher Contracting uses the latest in inferred moisture cameras available. These devices allow our team to see moisture through walls, and under roofs thus eliminating the " educated guess" 

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How does it work? 

The science behind infrared thermography is basic: Vibrating molecules generate electromagnetic energy. At higher temperatures, molecules move faster and emit more energy. This energy —  infrared radiation — isn't visible to the human eye, but it can be detected with a camera equipped with an infrared sensor.

Thermal differences appear as different colors in infrared light. By analyzing the color distribution in thermal images, it is possible to locate the areas of a building that are abnormally warm or cool, which may indicate potential defects such as water infiltration, missing insulation, drafty windows and doors, or an inefficient boiler.

Some quick tips about choosing a roofer for your Medford home

1. Always go to google and type the companies name in the search box and write reviews after the name for example: "medford roofing co reviews"

2. The person who sells you the roof should not be the one installing it, this is typical of a small or fly by night company. If something were to go wrong they may just up and leave. 

3. Pay attention to the vehicles you see during the estimates, established companies will not use old beat up trucks. 

4. Hard selling; telling you there is a discount if you buy today etc. This decision should be made privately then let the companies know. 

5. Did they use any leak detection equipment, or are they an "educated guess" estimator? 

6. If the estimator a salesmen or a roofing professional? 

7. Checking the BBB is not something we recommend, any company can buy an A+, for certain. We tested it. 

Some of our Medford Roofing Projects

We hope that you have found this page about Medford Roofing helpful in your search for a quality roofing contractor, please brows our roofing website for more information on Medford Roof Repairs.