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It has been a great pleasure being able to serve the community of Berlin New Jersey for over 11 years. We our proud to announce that we will be opening a showroom in Berlin New Jersey for all of our soon to be, and former roofing clients to use for scheduling roofing estimates, to choosing a roof.  We offer roof replacements, roof repairs, and we service commercial roofs, as well as residential roofs; from shingles to EPDM roofing. 

As you know Berlin Roofing Companies are not all the same, here at Lasher Contracting we like to think we set the standard for the quality, and craftsmanship expected of a roofing company serving the town of Berlin NJ. It has been our mission from day one to help preserve the proud and humble appearance of Berlin. 

So we put our money where our mouth is

To show our appreciation to all Berlin residence we have decided to provide anyone who lives in this town a FREE 25 point roof inspections. No Strings Attached! 

How does it work? 

All you have to do is call (856) 375-2372 and request a free roof inspection. Next we will send out a qualified, trained roofing inspector to check up on your roof. Then we will provide you with a 25 point roof inspection report that you can keep on hand, or even send to your homeowner’s insurance company to show them that you are keeping up on the maintenance of your home. This special is only for Berlin New Jersey Residence

To make it even more special of an offer to our Berlin Fans

We want to allow you to give this special to anyone who lives in New Jersey, but only you can give it to them. They can't ask us for it! Someone who lives outside of Berlin can only get the free roofing inspection if it was given to them by a Berlin Resident. So if your mother lives in say Sicklerville, you can give her a free roof inspection because you live in Berlin. 

Rules, there are none

Give it to as many people as you want outside of Berlin New Jersey, just make sure they can reference you so we can check to make sure it came from a true Berlin Resident. 

Time Frame

This special will not last long, we will only take the first 150 inspections, then the event is over until the following April. So hurry up! Call us now at (856) 375-2372 to schedule your FREE no obligation roof inspection. 

Reviews of Berlin Roofing

"we had 3 leaks on our roof in berlin, Lasher Construction gave us the lowest roofing price  and soonest install date. Within 1 week all of our leaks were fixed and the ceiling looked new again if you go with this company you will be happy you did"

Linda Drewes 

Berlin New Jersey Resident

" Thanks guys you did a wonderful job replacing our roof" 

Mike Chivis 

Berlin New Jersey Business Owner

" If you have a leak and need it fixed quick, you should call these guys" 

Thomas Pain

Berlin New Jersey Landlord