Lasher Contracting has been in commercial building for over 20 years!

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Lasher Steel Company

For over 15 years Lasher Contracting has been provided top quality roofing and contracting services to the residential and commercial building industries. Over the years Lasher Contracting has went from only commercial roofing, to residential roofing, home building, large demolition, masonry, general contracting, custom remodeling, site management, and now we are adding our newest addition; Structural Steel and Fabrication. 

Structural Steel is new to us, but not to our team. 

When we started our new Steel Division we searched for only the best minds to run the division. At the helm of the Steel Operation is Richard Retchel a 30 year veteran of structural steel erection and fabrication. Since the time of our inclusion of Structural Steel we have been awarded over 2 million dollars worth of steel contracts. 

Its the quality of service, and timeliness of our execution 

When other contractors say it will take months, and its barley possible, we step up to the plate offering customized solutions, and well thought out plans of execution. This philosophy is what has made us so successful in our other areas of construction, and what has and will continue to build our structural steel division. 

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