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Choosing a 
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Lasher Contracting has evolved to be one of the largest commercial contractors in New Jersey. We believe this has happened for one reason, and that is how we treat our customers. When you choose to work with Lasher Contracting you are choosing: 

  • Professional customized service 
  • Support from some of the most influential people in our industry
  • Honesty, and transparency
  • A company that is dedicated to constant improvement
Lasher Contracting has earned its reputation by treating clients with respect, evolving with new building trends, constantly educating its staff, and listening to your needs. 

The Bid

Perhaps the most important part of your project is the bid. Here is where you will begin to really see the difference between us and other contractors. We take our bidding very seriously and check every detail as if we are about to build the project and can only have one delivery. Lasher Contracting performs extremely thorough inspections of your project. One of the reasons we take such a detailed approach to our estimating is to make sure your cost estimate is as accurate as possible, and that we are able to warn you of likely change orders so you can use that information to determine your decision to move forward on the project, or plan a little longer. 

We arm you with knowledge about your build

Our Estimates

We educate our customers, and deliver free detailed estimates, that break down where every penny of your hard earned money goes, don't get a ball park number from someone’s head calculations, get an exact cost price, and get a Lasher Contracting Price. We use the exact estimating software the insurance adjusters use, and we all know they do not give out any extra.

We are your ally

Lasher Contracting has the experience:

It is no secret that Lasher Construction operates in a lot of different areas of construction. What makes our way of doing business so much different than most of our competitors is that each area of construction is handled by a separate supervisor,foreman, and crew. This in turn results in an internal quality assurance between the project managers of multi-trade projects. The roofing foreman is checking the framing foreman's work and so on. 

About our work force: 
  1. In house engineer 
  2. In house architect 
  3. Highly trained insurance claims representatives
  4. The best and brightest foreman's and project managers 

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Areas we serve: All of New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

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Lasher Contracting is one of New Jersey's largest commercial and roofing companies. In the last several years we have serviced over 4000 businesses throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia. 

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Highly trained field staff
  • Fabrication shop
  • Free estimates 
  • Unsurpassed warranties
  • One of the largest selection of shingles, and flat roofing brands and styles.